Friday, September 14, 2012

Prairie Schooner Review of Gillan's "The Place I Call Home"

Maria Mazziotti Gillan's latest book, The Place I Call Home (NYQ Books), was recently reviewed by Marianne Kunkel on the blog site for the literary journal Prairie Schooner.

...Gillan has made a career out of writing poems that express her affections for various family members (her parents, spouse, children, and grandchildren) and this book continues this tradition, offering straightforward portraits of loved ones that seem so sincere, vulnerable, and at times harsh despite their good intentions, they can make readers cry. her poem “Why I Worry” to her young granddaughter, Gillan refreshes an overdone topic with an unexpected image of a crow: “I try to make her realize how beautiful she is… / but for now, the voice inside her, that crow, is louder than mine.”

...A Frank O’Hara-type poet who looks no further than personal circumstances for material for her poems, Gillan’s The Place leads with resilience, not shame.

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