Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dinner With Maria

New Jersey Monthly magazine recently published an article on "Where Real Italians Eat" asking prominent New Jersey Italian celebrities to tell them where they like to eat.

Maria Mazziotti Gillan, author of 12 books of poetry, including Italian Women In Black Dresses, picked the ViVi Ristorante in her hometown of Hawthorne.

"I love the ambience and d├ęcor, which seem to me to be very Italian, with the antique chandeliers and the bright wall colors. Also I find their food fresh and lightly seasoned, very much like the food you can get in Italy. My favorite dish is the lobster ravioli, which I find to be very delicately seasoned and mouthwatering. It’s hard to choose because I also love their salmon oreganata, which is baked and seasoned with bread crumbs. No one in Italy rushes through eating. Savoring a meal is something I can do at ViVi’s and pretend I’m in Italy.”