Thursday, February 2, 2012

Maria Gillan, Laura Boss and others to read in Oak Park

For all you Chicago folks....Maria Mazziotti Gillan, Laura Boss, M.L. Liebler and Charlie Rossiter will be reading at the Oak Park Public Library. Here are the details for this free event:

Saturday, March 3rd
2-3:30 pm
Oak Park Public Library
834 Lake Street
In downtown Oak Park

Easily reached by taking the Green Line west and getting off at Oak Park
Ave.--then walk north one block to Lake St. and look left. The large
modern building next to the park is the Library.

Out-of-towners, if you forget directions, just look for tall downtown
bldgs. which is EAST and take it from there. If you are taking some time
away from the conference, Oak Park has good restaurants and is easy to
walk around and admire Frank Lloyd Wright creations.

Library contact person: Debby Preiser;