Friday, September 7, 2012

You Can Go Home Again

It's not just Dr. Einstein who was boggled by those twin enigmas: time and space.

All of us are. Each of our lives is a journey through time. And many of us, in a lifetime, end up physically far from where we began.

Even those of us who don't move — like poet Maria Mazziotti Gillan, who has spent most of her life in Passaic County — are well aware of the larger, ever-changing world outside North Jersey.

From her here-and-now — Hawthorne, where she's lived on and off for 55 years – she contemplates her life in a new collection of poems, "The Place I Call Home" (New York Quarterly Books).

"I'm talking about what I've learned about what it means to live a life, and to be human, and to love people and lose them," says Gillan, 72, founder of The Poetry Center, a department of Passaic County Community College.

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