Monday, August 26, 2013

Review of 'The Place I Call Home'

Gail Fishman Gerwin reviewed The Place I Call Home by Maria Mazziotti Gillan (NYQ Books) for Rattle.

"Anyone who has read Maria Mazziotti Gillan’s body of work knows that this prolific poet follows one of the major tenets of writing: write what you know. Here is where she excels and The Place I Call Home meets expectations for honesty and insight. Those who know her poetry always want more and those who read it for the first time are immersed in a life somewhat conflicted: filled with warmth yet riddled with guilt, touched with success yet plagued by inadequacy. She unabashedly mingles pain with love; she takes us on a journey that is personal and universal at the same time, and through her craft she offers deep understanding of people who populate her worlds past and present..."            continue reading