Friday, March 17, 2017

March 19 Poetic Celebration of Jewish and Italian Heritage

Maria Mazziotti Gillan will be reading this Sunday along with poets Yehoshua November, Carol V. Davis, Maria Lisella and Baruch November in A Poetic Celebration of Jewish and Italian Heritage. This event featuring poets of Jewish and Italian heritage is March 19 at 6 PM at The Cornelia Street CafĂ©, 29 Cornelia Street in New York.

In an article about poet Yehoshua November, it explains part of the connectedness of this reading's lineup:
When November was growing up, his father, a physician, would play the music of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen at home, and Yehoshua was particularly attracted to Cohen’s poetry, with its view of modern situations as mythical and mystical. In college, at SUNY Binghamton, he was encouraged by several professors in the English department including Maria Mazziotti Gillan. The daughter of Italian-American immigrants who wrote about growing up in the tenements of Patterson, N.J., Gillan pushed him to write about being Jewish, to find the universal in the particular.

Maria Mazziotti Gillan is the author of twenty-one books. Her latest publications are the poetry collection, What Blooms in Winter and the poetry and art collection, The Girls in the Chartreuse Jackets . Maria's official website is at