Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Poem: Eulogy to Blasberg's Farm

Eulogy to Blasberg's Farm

We used to reach it, take our
bikes up Lynack Road, pause
at gravestones in the bramblebushed cemetery, stones old and
fallen, wild flowers growing over
them in tangled clumps.

We sat cross-legged on the grass,
drinking our Cokes, preparing
for a journey whose distances
we could not even begin to measure.

Up Lynack Road into the back gate
of Blasberg's, we rode the crooked
rows, drowning in scented
apples, deep and scarlet
against a lilac-colored sky.

We careened down
the road, spring flying behind us like a cloak, unaware that one
day we would mourn the tangled underbrush, the lost curve
of apple trees, the blue
untarnished sky.

A 1983 poem collected in Where I Come From by MARIA MAZZIOTTI GILLAN

Maria's Official Site is at and her books are available at Her latest publication is the poetry collection,  Ancestors' Song

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