Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Unlocking the Word: An Anthology of Found Poetry

Unlocking the Word: An Anthology of Found Poetry  has been published by (Lamar University Literary Press). This 200-page book includes work by 54 contributors from across the country, including three poems by Maria Mazziotti Gillan.

It is the world’s first major anthology of “found poetry” and the poems present a look at how might we use words not originally meant to be a poem and turn those words into a poem. The underlying principle of this book is that a “found poem” works because the poet who discovers it is able to find poetry in ordinary language – even in language that at first seems to struggle against any semblance of the imaginative voice – and thereby discover the aesthetic possibilities of all words no matter where they originally appear.

The sources of “found poems” in this anthology are remarkably varied. They include textbooks, literary and scientific monographs, essays, newspaper and magazine articles, letters, emails, advertisements, speeches, and many other non-creative publications. They all reveal the joy of the discovery of the transformative aesthetic elements in everyday language and show us that poetry resides everywhere around us.

Maria Mazziotti Gillan's most recent books are the poetry and photography collection, Paterson Light and Shadow  and the poetry collection, What Blooms in Winter . Her collection of poems along with some of her paintings is The Girls in the Chartreuse Jackets . Maria's official website is

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