Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Maria Mazziotti Gillan Artwork as Gifts

Purchasers sometimes email photos of her artwork hanging in their home.
Here, a print of Dragonfly Girl

Along with Maria Gillan's poetry books as year-end holiday gifts, please consider gifting one of Maria's paintings.

Her watercolor, mixed media and collage artwork is available as original pieces, but all paintings on her website (including original works that are sold) are available as high quality inkjet prints.

Check out her artist website for a large gallery of paintings. Paintings and prints may be ordered via the website for shipping.

Maria Mazziotti Gillan on her art:

My art comes from an instinctive place. In my watercolors and collages I try to do what I do in poetry—that is to let go, to allow the old wise woman who lives in my belly to take over. Often when I’m writing a poem, after the first few lines it is as though the poem is writing itself, operating out of the subconscious mind. I don’t allow my conscious mind to control what is going on in the poem. For me, the same thing happens when I am painting or constructing a collage. Allowing my imagination to take over, gives me the freedom to paint people, interiors, or the external world as they exist in my mind rather than in reality.

In my poetry, I try to root my work in the details and specificity of ordinary life, but in my art, I am not attempting to achieve realistic portrayals of people, interiors, or birds or flowers. Rather, I am trying to capture energy and feeling. I am trying to allow the essence of the subject to come forth, to convey joy or sadness, exuberance or loss. 

At the Ionian Sea

Maria posts her paintings on Instagram - Follow her!

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