June 17, 2021

Celebrating Calabria: Reading Marathon June 19

June 19, 2021 3-5pm Eastern Time
Celebrating Calabria: Reading Marathon

Sponsored by The Poetry Center at Passaic County Community College,
Paterson, New Jersey, USA

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Introduction: Margherita Ganeri
Intervention: Carla Francellini

Eloise Carbone
Marco Gatto
Maria Giura
Geoffrey Gwasy
Iris Hauser
Zach Hauser
Linda Hillringhouse
Maria Lisella
Janet Michello
Francine Montemurro
Dina Minervini Tsoar
Kim Vose
Debbie Zerbini

Intervention: Elisabetta Marino
Closing remarks: Maria Mazziotti Gillan


Maria Mazziotti Gillan
's new poetry collection is When the Stars Were Still Visible (2021). Other recent publications are the poetry and photography collection, Paterson Light and Shadow and the poetry collections What Blooms in Winter and The Girls in the Chartreuse Jackets which pairs her poems with her paintings. Maria's artist's website is MariaMazziottiGillan.com and her poetry website is MariaGillan.com.

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